Monday, May 23, 2016

My fight against sugar.

Me and Sugar? It's pretty love-hate. (Mostly love, I must admit). I could eat ice cream 3 meals a day (and pretty much did in college). Luckily I was blessed with a metabolism that could mostly accommodate this less than stellar food choice. However, I do know that it's awful for me. And apprently it ages you. And makes you gain weight.

So, like most mothers (or, maybe its just me), I'm trying to give my child a healthy diet while simultaneously scarfing down all the chemically, processed foods I can get my hands on. #doasisaynotasido

Lately, I've been really bummed by the amount of sugar in yogurt. I've asked around and I've found taht some moms just 'pick their battles' when it comes to the yogurt sugar issue. That's mostly because their children will eat things that are not sweet. Like chicken. Or cheese. But for those of us raising children that only want to eat blueberries, bananas, yogurt. pb &j, and carbs -- well we gotta worry about the sugar in the yogurt. Because with pre-school nut rules - it's pretty much the ONLY protein I can send to school.

So this past week, I tried something not so new. I took the old smoothie recipes I used back when I had time in the morning and a health routine and doctored them up for the kiddo.

I blended blueberry, banana, and spinach and then I mixed it into plain greek yogurt. Voila. I had yogurt my kid would eat, it had minimal sugar (except the natural fruit sugars) and A VEGETABLE. If he only knew.

Add water to the mixture until it gets to this type of consistency - I used frozen fruit, so it melted some and became more watery. So, be careful not to add too much water if you use frozen.

The mixture should be thick.

I mixed the fruit into a bowl of yogurt until I got to the proportions I wanted - and voila!

When I was finished, I pulled out my infantino squeeze station, and made a few packets of yogurt to freeze. I would try to use all of this within 24 hours if you do not freeze it!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Five On Friday - Five Handbag Dupes

So perhaps I'm behind. 

There is no perhaps here, I'm behind.

Sole Society. 

I've seen it at Nordstrom, bought 1 pair of shoes that promptly broke, returned and never thought about them again. But then, I wandered on to their website. I started looking at their bags and realized how many cute designer knockoffs they have, and now, now I am intrigued. Here are a my 5 favorites designer knockoffs!

1. Chloe Marcie Small Saddle Bag - $795 at Neiman Marcus


You could buy this Sole Society Thalia Saddle bag for $49.95 (what!?)


So, let's keep going...

2. Rebecca Minkoff "Finn" Crossbody - $195

We've all seen this beauty...and maybe even considered buying her. But the idea of fringe and toddlers might have freaked you out. (ok, me. I considered it.) 


3. Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Backpack - $345


4. Chloe Hudson Bag - $2390 (try not to whip out your credit card)


5. Prada Glace Twin Pocket Tote - $2565


I could continue, but it's Five on Friday for a reason. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beckett's First Birthday

We recently had Beckett's birthday party, and it was so much fun! I really got into decorating (but, I did have to hold myself back from going too was for toddlers.) I didn't really do a theme because, again, toddlers. But, I did go to town with pinwheels and those paper pouffs. In fact, I left them all hanging up for at least a week past the party - they're just fun. (and my house, not decorated.)

At our drink station we had tea, water and lemonade. For adults we had mason jars with fun straws (because $2 bought me a dozen pretty straws) and all varieties of sippy cups for kids.

The party was in the middle of the afternoon so I kept the food minimal (and also, I had a 20 lb ham left over from my last party....NOT doing that again). I tried to pick foods that were a) toddler friendly, b) easy for mom to eat as she chases said toddler.

Two plastic cups held Veggie Straws and Goldfish, with small paper 'snack cups' to fill for those kids on the go. Next up we had fruit, veggies and hummus, cupcakes, Palmetto Cheese (because it's not a party without that), chicken skewers and tzatziki sauce (thank you Costco) and applesauce pouches. It truly was a picky toddler's dream menu.

 I ordered small cupcakes for the kids (plain vanilla with white icing) and a larger assortment of delicious flavored cupcakes for the adults. I did this because these particular cupcakes are not to be smashed, picked at, and tossed on the floor - partly because they are expensive, and partly because they are the best cupcakes known to man. And to see a toddler destroy one is truly a travesty. (I did end up eating the one my toddler did not eat but merely defaced).

I just had to buy a birthday set. He hated the hat. Which sort of killed the whole theme, but it made for a few cute pictures.

Here is Beckett refusing to eat the delicious cupcake.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Five Things That Don't Have to Be Reality...Even If You're a Mom

My Five on Friday is a little different today. It's for all those moms, and moms to be out there that are terrified of all things that people say 'happens when you're a mom'. I saw a sketch on SNL this past weekend, and it really motivated me to bring this topic up. I've tried to write posts in the past but wanted to avoid being accused of "mom-shaming". I just want to put it out there that mommyhood isn't the end of the world, or more importantly, the end of Y-O-U.

SO, here we go.

The "Cut"

You can keep your hair. I've seen moms go for this 'knife in the back' cut shortly after their babies are born. I don't get it. I won't do it. You don't have to either. :)


Ok, so yes, sometimes you do. (Day drinking isn't necessarily the best idea when you're raising kids) But honestly, parenting is all about positive and negative reinforcement. And the positive reinforcement that gets me through the Toddler Witching Hour is knowing that glass (or 3) of Chardonnay await me as soon as Beckett is in his sleepsack. You can still go out, you can still have jut have to be able to do that wake up with the  baby at 7. (That's why God made Coffee. And E-Boost.)


Some people think that by virtue of having a child, that suddenly you cover every inch of your body. No more string bikinis (yes, now you have to double knot them - learned that one the hard way), no more short shorts, no more crop tops -- You get the idea. Just remember, you can keep wearing it all.  Wear what makes you feel happy. If you run around in dumpy t-shirts and shorts, you're going to feel dumpy. Get some cute athleisure stuff, or a cotton romper (feels like PJs looks like clothing...) The thing is, the people who will talk behind your back about your clothing, were always going to talk about you anyway.

Who says you can't go to soccer practice like this? Thanks @Toniatrotter!

The Mom-bod

I've never been a fan of the word 'Mom-Bod" because I feel like its often said in a context that suggests that motherhood is a negative, unattractive, thing. Sure having a child changes your body, but (not to be cliche) beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, I have some extra skin on my stomach. So what. Your body shape and metabolism is controlled  genetics. I will never be a long legged super model. Just ain't happening. I hear so many mothers just sort of give up and say, "well, I had kids so now I have the mom-bod". Sure, to an extent, pregnancy will put you through the ringer. I gained 30 pounds. But it's possible to get back to where you were, or just the new place you want to be. So maybe you don't get back to pre-baby size, but you work hard and get to the best you that you can get to. As I near my mid-30s my fear of getting out of shape is getting REAL. I've spent the last year working as hard as ever to get into even better shape than I was pre-baby. So don't disparage yourself. Don't give up. Do you. And if you're aren't a mom yet, don't panic. Things might change, but it doesn't have to be bad.

Your Kids Will Run Your Life. an extent...they can and do. I mean, your kid does have to nap. But, it was super important to my husband and I to raise a child that was an addition to our life, not the other way around. We do not overly cater to our child. If we want to do something, we do it. Sure, sometimes we know it might be a horrible idea. But sometimes, that baby surprises us. Sometimes, he flies all the way to Montana and is a DREAM.  Sometimes we take him to super nice restaurants in Palm Beach is totally behaves. And, sometimes he sprays baby food all over the people in front of us at a baseball game (true story). I think kids are capable of more than we realize. So don't skip going to church  because its nap time. He'll figure it out. He'll sleep at church nursery. Or he won't. But its ok. One day won't hurt him. And, I've found, if you live your life this way, your kid gets really good at adapting to change. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Family Room Decor

So today was the #OneRoomChallenge Reveal day- you know, for those people who are actually moving forward on decorating projects. For those of us that are spending months agonizing over...everything, well, we're still agonizing. However, their progress has given me a little push to get back to work.

Decorating our new house has been an agonizing process. It takes so long to figure out a space, and how it functions. And once you learn how your family uses that space, then comes the task of actually putting your Houzz Idea Boards to work. And realizing you just might need to win the lottery to do it. Moving from our small rental home in Florida, we did not have a ton of furniture, and the majority of it were hand-me-downs. The prospect of furnishing a new home has been daunting, but the challenge of picking furniture to use for the next 20 years or so? well you get the idea.

I've gotten a decent start on our family room, but it still feels terribly unfinished, with parts that are cluttered and random.  I haven't updated you since we added our end tables - so today they will make their debut!

This is the Emeline Side Table from Ballard Designs - l-o-v-e it! 

So this is the current color scheme I'm working with. I have a few ideas of swatches but I'm so torn on what to do! 

My top choice is this Robert Allen Print:

It comes in a blue background that matches the colors in my rug exactly - but I am not sure if it's 'too much of the same'?

As much as I love this print, I'm concerned that the print competes with my rug. This will be a process for sure. 

Here are some of the coordinating prints I have considered as well:

I"m totally overwhelmed. Help!

My favorite prints all seem to be $150 a if you have any ideas that might go with these colors, feel free to share!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Drop Waisted Ruffle Everything

As you've seen in blog posts before, I will usually buy anything with a ruffle or a drop waist, or both.
Perhaps its in my genetic makeup to choose trends that ridiculous, slightly over the top, and extremely hard to pull off. That has to be the only explanation for my love of drop waisted or cropped ANYTHING.

So naturally, when I saw this little beauty on Banana today, (and subsequently saw it was 40% off) I fell in love. Maybe it's the ruffles. Maybe it's the discount. We'll never know. I feel like this is going to go quickly, so head on over to Banana Republic today snag yourself one! Use code BRFOREVER.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Five on Friday

I've been in a blog slump lately - it's been nearly a month since my last post, and it's not for lack of trying. I have three drafts sitting on my dashboard. But, for some reason, I'm just not feeling any of them. The month of April was full of birthday parties, friends visiting, my college reunion and a beach trip. Lots of things worth blogging about - just too busy living I suppose! So I'm getting back in the saddle today, with a trusty Five on Friday post. Here goes!

Shrimp and Grist Kids Spring Sale this week!

If you've never seen this childrens' clothing line, you are missing out. I've always perused their website, but have never bitten the bullet. Most of the outfits are $45-60 and frankly, I just can't stomach spending that much for an 'everyday' outfit. Maybe for a special occasion, but not just random shortalls. However, this sale has most things priced in the $27-30 range ... just low enough that I couldn't resist. So, I didn't. I purchased a size up, in the hopes that Beckett will wear them through October (because it better still be warm then...) 

Hurry up - they are selling out quickly! I am considering going back for fall items like this one below. I love the Tab idea - monogram it, and then just buy a new tab for the next child's monogram!


Eddie Ross's collaboration with Ballard Designs

Since my family room is STILL half decorated (pretty much still looks like this) I've been stalking every catalog I get for ideas. I've been told my almost everyone that it's important not to rush into decorating for hte sake of decorating...but man, I'm getting sick of looking at this brown on brown on brown room. This past week I just got Ballard Designs new catalog, and I'm in L-O-V-E with Eddie Ross's designs! I'm rather tempted to get his book as well...

I adore these red bamboo chairs..not sure I can make them work in my family room, but maybe some place else??

Eddie's book is called New Modern Mix and it's all about mixing modern and classic, new and old -- sounds perfect for me! 


We got our family/Beckett's One Year Photos back from our photographer, and they are so great! Dear Lissie Photography did and Ahh-Mazing Job. SO thrilled.


Bloodline is coming back.

I'm so excited, I can't even stand it. I have a complete crush on Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Taylor. Granted, I still have to wait until May 27th but at least its only a few more weeks! If you haven't seen Season One, I highly suggest you get to binge watching now.


Spring Planting.

The final freeze date has come and gone (April 15) so now that we are home from our trips, I've started pulling out my dying winter pansies and replanting. When we moved into our new home, the previous owner had planted vinca in two beds lining the driveway. They were full, and gorgeous and I am hoping that I can recreate it! I've decided my best approach is start planing early so they have time to grow. I planted some this week, and hope I can get the rest of them in by the weekend!

Happy Friday!